Patrick Schacher, Partner
Partner CFO-Services

Swiss Certified Public Accountant,
Swiss Certified Tax Expert

T: +41 61 512 43 18

M: +41 79 327 55 30

Languages: German, English



Patrick Schacher is a partner at Hoffmann & Partner and your expert when it comes to taxes and accounting. He has an impressive network and many years of professional experience, specifically in the SME segment.

We like to call him our audit silverback, but his true passion is the limited audit. Patrick believes that the best results are achieved, when the work is done with heart and soul.

As a father of two daughters, it is important to him to share his knowledge and expertise with the younger generation. This was also one of the reasons why he decided to serve from 2013 to 2023 on the Subcommittee Limited Statutory Examination of EXPERTsuisse from 2013 to 2023. There he not only taught the corresponding courses, but was also president of the renowned expert association and led the project for the 2014 publication of the “Handbuch der Wirtschaftsprüfung”, volume “Limited Statutory Examination”. In addition, he commented specifically on regulatory projects at national level.

We and our customers appreciate Patrick’s well-founded and repeatedly proven expertise as well as his honest, open, transparent and cooperative manner. All this allows him, in all the services we offer, to play the role of a client manager, but also as a competent sparring partner at eye level in all the services we offer. For this reason, our clients are just as happy to let Patrick advise them on all aspects of succession planning as well as with company acquisitions and the handling of their complexity.

In his private life Patrick likes to spend his time in nature, hiking, sailing, skiing and in summer you can meet him on his mountain bike or on his way to work.


  • Interim CFO

  • Reporting and controlling

  • Limited audits