Marc Güntensperger
Manager CFO-Services

Swiss Certified Fiduciary
Certified Auditor

T:  +41 61 512 43 01
M: +41 76 559 47 41

Languages: German, English

Marc Güntensperger works as a client manager at Hoffmann & Partner and assists our clients with accounting, payroll, taxes and annual financial statements. He also works as a certified auditor on various projects.

Before joining our team in 2011, he worked for three different fiduciary offices in the Basel region. With more than 20 years of professional experience in the accounting field, Marc Güntensperger has a wealth of experience in advising medium-sized companies.

Marc Güntensperger holds a degree from a commercial college. He also obtained a tax clerk certificate. From October 2014 to August 2017, he completed the three-year training programme to become a fiduciary, which he successfully concluded in October 2017 by obtaining the federal certificate of proficiency.


  • Accounting incl. payroll

  • Annual financial statements

  • Tax declarations