Jürgen Arndt
Senior Manager CFO-Services


T: +41 61 512 43 13
M: +41 79 669 42 79

Languages: German, English

Jürgen Arndt is a specialist in accounting, human resources and tax services for legal entities and individuals; thanks to his professional background, his expertise covers both Swiss and German law. At Hoffmann & Partner he is Head of A&T.

Jürgen Arndt started his career at Treuhand Hannover GmbH, where he advised clients on tax, social security and business management issues for around 14 years, most recently as head of a regional office with eight employees. He then worked for seven years for a leading trust company in Northwestern Switzerland, where he acquired a wealth of experience in Swiss tax law. He rose to head of department there before joining Hoffmann & Partner in 2013.

Jürgen Arndt completed his training in Germany as a tax clerk and further training as a certified accountant (IHK). From 2008 to 2011 he successfully completed the Swiss Fiduciary School.


  • Financial statement design

  • Swiss and German tax law

  • Social security law