CFO services for the life sciences industry

We have a great understanding of the life sciences industry and can offer financial services on a part-time basis as an external service provider. We take on responsibility and make ourselves available as part-time CFO, providing support in the areas of reporting and controlling, budgeting and financial planning, accounting and financial statements in accordance with local and international standards, payroll accounting and all tax issues within the company.

Our broad-based and highly motivated team is there for you 365 days a year. We provide our services mainly in English and German.


CFO services for other industries

We also have the relevant know-how in many other industries. We advise many owner-led SMEs on all financial issues.

Our CFO services in detail: 

Teilzeit- oder Interims CFO oder Controller

Mit einem Teilzeit- oder Interims CFO und / oder Controller stellen wir dem Unternehmen eine oder mehrere erfahrene Fachperson zur Verfügung, welche die Aufgaben eines CFOs und auch Controller nach Vereinbarung übernehmen. Diese Aufgaben reichen von der Strategischen Finanzplanung, Bewertungen, Teilnahme an Management- und Verwaltungsrat-Meetings oder Generalversammlungen, über die Unterstützung bei Management- und Verwaltungsratsberichten, zu Führen der Captable, zu Unterstützung bei Einführung oder Unterhalten des ESOP bis hin zur Einführung und Unterhaltung eines Datenraums.

Part-time or interim CFO or controller

We support start-ups in the life sciences and other industries on complex financial matters needed for the capital-raising process, such as strategic financial, planning, development of the business plan, valuations, captable, introduction and maintenance of the ESOP. In addition we also have teams who can support your company on day-to-day accounting tasks, be it reporting, controlling, payroll accounting, general accounting and liquidity planning.

With a part-time or interim CFO and/or controller, we provide the company with one or more experienced professionals who take on the tasks of a CFO and/or controller as specified in the agreement. These tasks range from strategic financial planning, valuations, participation in management and board meetings or general meetings, support with management and board reports, keeping the cap table, support with the introduction or maintenance of the ESOP, to the introduction and maintenance of a data room.

Reporting and controlling

Reporting and controlling tools support the management of a company on operational and strategic issues. In consultation with the company, we take on this task and ensure a regular update.

We work with modern planning and reporting tools, which we continuously adapt to the needs of our clients.

Budgeting and financial planning

We support our clients in budgeting and financial planning, usually for a period of 18 to 36 months, and manage the financial means to support the operative goals.

Accounting and financial statements according to local and international accounting standards

We manage our clients’ accounting and prepare monthly, quarterly and annual financial statements according to both local and international accounting standards – in particular IFRS.

Payroll accounting

We manage payroll accounting and settle social security and withholding taxes. We have comprehensive expertise in cross-border and international issues relating to work permits, social insurances and withholding taxes.

Tax consultancy

We assist our clients with corporate taxes, real estate taxes, tax structures or questions regarding tax planning and strategies. In particular, we support our clients in creating international tax-compliant company structures. Our experience with partner companies worldwide gives us the ability to create international structures, for example CH–USA, CH–D, CH–UK or CH–F.


We support our clients in the implementation of electronic share registers and company platforms.

Limited audits

We carry out limited audits in accordance with the Swiss Standard on Limited Audits. Accordingly, and in accordance with the legal basis, companies with more than 10 full-time employees must elect an independent auditor and have their annual financial statements audited on a limited basis. Companies with less than 10 full-time employees must also conduct a limited audit in the event of a capital loss. Our services are typically aimed at SMEs.